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Adam Regester – focus on bold colours, architecture and famous faces

We are pleased to introduce this extremely talented Art Wow artist, Adam Regester! We love this Brighton based illustrator’s bold designs! He breaks down images to simple sketch work with bold block colour accents, making his designs light up any room. Here’s what he has to say about his creative journey so far…

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your name? Where are you based? What does a typical day look like to you?

Hi, my name’s Adam Regester. I’m an artist and illustrator based in the beautiful seaside town of Brighton. My day starts around 8am when I check through all my social media and store accounts to see what my days workload looks like. I spend the first couple of hours processing orders then off to the post office followed by an essential coffee…..or two! I use my coffee break to update and add to my Instagram and Facebook accounts. After that back to working on orders until lunchtime and in the afternoon and evening I try to spend as much time on new illustrations and designs as I can. I love working on new ideas and developing new styles and ways of presenting my work and ideas.

How would you describe your style of work?

I work in a variety of styles which is continually evolving and changing. I love to draw so this is usually the main focus of my work and I also adore colour hence the use of bold ‘colour pops’ with my work. I feel that my style is evolving into a more minimal and contemporary style with a focus on architecture and famous faces as well as the odd cute dog but time will tell. Watch this space! 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given in life?

Never give up and always believe in yourself and what you are doing. Be prepared to adapt and evolve along the way too. It’s the only way to survive the commercial market with ever evolving demands and trends.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired mainly by what I see around me – nature, architecture, travel. I’m trying to focus on current trends too!

Is there a piece of artwork on Art Wow that you are most proud of? Why?

I’m most proud of my ability to not be afraid of trying new styles even if they fail to succeed. The continuous line style drawings are a new thing for me this year and I’ve always been insecure about my portrait drawing skills but my Bowie portrait and other works in that style have been a big hit for me this year and I’m looking to develop this theme further and add more layers of colour.

If your artwork was music, what would it sound like?

That’s a tough one! Something soft and flowing to represent the line work, with a bold chorus to illustrate the strong colour blocks!

What artist, past or present has inspired you?

I have always loved the impressionist painters but also love mixed media and sculpture work. I really enjoyed the Anthony Gormley exhibition at the RA this year. His use of line and shape is incredible.

Who are your biggest influences? 

I’m inspired by a diverse range of artists – Mark Rothko with his amazing use of colour which inspires such great emotion in me. David Hockney for his amazing style and ability to adapt to new technology by using an iPad for his recent works at over 80 years of age! Amazing! My contemporaries inspire me too. So many great illustrators out there doing wonderful things!

What was the last gift you gave someone?

I just gave all the barristers in my local coffee shop and the staff in the post office candles for Christmas. I made them in cute tins using eco ingredients and designed a special label for the tin.

How did you get started as an illustrator?

I’ve been painting and drawing from an early age. I did an art foundation in a London College, then went on to do a Masters at Central St Martins and taught art and design courses for 16 years part time whilst running my own art and design business.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I’m an Aries so maybe I should say a Ram! I think I’d rather be a dog with a loving owner getting lots of love and treats!! 

How did you develop your distinct style? Was it an experimental process? 

I think my style has just evolved naturally and organically over the years. It started off with lots of unnecessary detail and through the years I’ve learnt that you can express more with less in a much more stylish and effective way.

What have been your biggest creative challenges to date?

I think my biggest challenge is getting to grips with new technology. I’m just about to invest in an iPad pro which is very exciting and should really help to expand my range.

In one word, describe how art makes you feel.


Check out all Adam’s amazing illustrations and artwork in our store.

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