Featured artist: Laura Selevos

Laura Selevos - featured artist on ArtWOW

Introducing this weeks featured artist LAURA SELEVOS!

We love this Berkshire based professional artist. Laura works with emulsion and marker pen to create these stunning pieces. She explores the qualities and playfulness of paint, layering bold brush strokes, splatters and drips, contrasted with focused pen work to add structure to the form.

Laura is currently exhibiting at ‘Portraits’ Brick Lane Gallery, London until 17 February 2020.

Click to see her art works

Royal Freddie - Freddie Mercury portrait on dinner plate

Personalised coasters with Freddie Mercury portrait, made in UK

George Michael artwork - personalised photo coasters

Frida Kahlo - custom gifts, personalised dinner plates

Audrey Hepburn painting on dinner plates - buy on ArtWOW

Design your own coasters with Audrey Hepburn portrait

David Bowie artwork - Print photo on coasters in UK

George Michael mug

Audrey Hepburn painting on custom made plates

Audrey Hepburn artwork

Frida Kahlo gifts on ArtWOW

Bob Marley gifts: designer cushions - made in UK

Elton John artwork

Freddie Mercury artwork on ArtWOW

Bob Marley gifts - buy on ArtWOW

Personalised glass coasters on ArtWOW

John Lennon artwork - design your own coaster

Buy David Bowie gifts on Artwow

Buy unique coasters on artwow

Personalised mouse mat with John Lennon and Yoko Ono

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