Halloween homeware

How to Achieve the Trendiest Halloween

The spooky season that we all love is fast approaching. To celebrate this time of the year, Art Wow are offering an amazing selection of Halloween homeware, created by your favourite independent artists. We have come up with a few ideas of inspiration, so that you can create the trendiest Halloween aesthetic in your home. Making subtle changes often makes the biggest difference! Adding accent cushions to your sofa, with prints from artist Sustici such as ‘Almost Skull’, can change the whole vibe of the room. These can then be seasonally switched up and reused again!

halloween homeware

Pair this with a table spread of all your favourite Halloween sweet treats and snacks, displayed on our very popular ceramic plate designs, to bring the whole room together. Prints such as ‘Sail to the Moon’ by artist James Jefferson Peart look great printed on our plates, but of course, you can always choose your favourite prints that are available on our website.

As a finishing touch, we suggest adding a pop of art work around the house, to carry on the Halloween vibe. You’ll find some quirky prints in our ‘Dark Obscurity’ and ‘Halloween’ collection. Artists such as Sophie Eves with ‘Shrine Fox’ and Jon Delorme with ‘The Hills Show the Way’ create that eery, mysterious feel that makes us just that bit more excited for Halloween!

Halloween art prints Original art prints for Halloween

Shop our Halloween occasion collection and our Dark Obscurity collection.

Eloise Davey

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