best personalised birthday gifts for dad 2021

Personalised birthday gifts for dad

Finding a gift for your dad can be a very stressful experience that normally involves hunting around for a nice shirt or jumper, the new ‘must-have’ cooking accessory, or a book they will probably never read. Dads are notoriously hard to buy for! This tends to be because either they don’t need anything or ask for something extremely vague or practical. As a result, there is normally one present that is always bought – socks! But this doesn’t have to be the case. Below are just a few examples of how to choose a gift which is personalised to them rather than being ‘just another gift’.

Dad-themed birthday gifts are, as expected, extremely popular when it comes to gift giving. Giving a present to your father with the word dad, father or even papa, on it is an amazingly easy way to choose a gift which is more personalised to them. Although this trick may seem simple, what it does is show that you brought a gift for them and only them, instead of just buying something who could be gifted to anyone or which he could receive from anyone. Designs such as ‘Best Dad Ever’ and ‘Love You Dad’ are examples of some of the ways to incorporate this into your gift giving. Also suitable for Father’s Day, these designs speak directly to your dad to let them know that you are thinking of them on their birthday, which is especially important if you can’t be with them physically on the day.

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For dads with a real ‘dad joke’ sense of humour, we have hundreds of tongue and cheek designs that would suit them perfectly. Cheeky designs such as ‘Superhero Butts’ and ‘Tea Me, Tea You’ are perfect designs to satisfy this humour-driven side. Both these designs touch on the nostalgic but with a humorous twist, which is why they make great birthday gifts for any dad who thinks they are funny – even when it’s more embarrassing then funny. Another perfect example of this is ‘Nestcafe’ by Carl Batterbee which perfectly sums up a classic dad joke! This design, perfectly suited to a mug, is guaranteed to get a smile from your father every morning!

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For dads with a more unique sense of humour, we also have plenty of designs that satisfy the uniqueness and quirkiness of any father. ‘Mr Pinch’ by Francesca Miele is one of those designs which straight away makes me think of my dad. There is just something about seeing an animal dressed up in a suit like they are going to work that screams ‘dad’ to me. The design is not only quirky but has a sense of fun due to its absurdity and the weirdness of how much that dog suits that outfit.  Another design that automatically screams fathers is ‘Beer Mirror’ by John Holcroft. This design is a perfectly funny representation of fathers, which would make the perfect birthday present for any dad. If your dad loves a good pint at the weekend or is always joking about how in shape they are, then this is the must have design for you.

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For a unique present that you might not automatically think of, then why not consider getting your dad a mouse mat as a birthday present. Not only are these functional pieces for any workspace or home office, but they will also add personality to their desk, all while reminding them of you every time they look at it. Mouse mats make great personalised presents as they are something a lot of people use in their everyday lives but not something they would buy themselves – and so they are the perfect unique present! ‘Golfers’ by Taudalpoi is the perfect surrealist design for a masculine desk, as it not only functions as an escapist scene but also incorporates golf, a sport loved by most dads! However, if you are looking for something brighter to add some colour to their desk, then ‘Always Summer’ by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale is the perfect design to remind them of sunnier days and uplift their spirits. Although mouse mats are not the obvious choice when it comes to a birthday present, they are certainly a unique gift that no one else is going to think to get them!

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Shopping for a great birthday present for your dad no longer has to be a struggle with our wide range of amazing products and designs on offer. These designs are just some examples of how you can choose an Art Wow design to suit a wide variety of dad personalities and give them something truly special and unique. So don’t worry dads, there’ll be no more socks for you!

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