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Sarah Morley – beautiful patterns and uplifting designs

I am very excited to introduce you to one of our newer artists to join the Art Wow creative community… Sarah Morley! Sarah is a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator who creates colourful and whimsical designs! Ranging from repeating patterns, to uplifting quotes, Sarah’s illustration design is uniquely playful and boldly coloured, often reminiscent in childlike and naïve drawings. Below is a Q+A with this talented illustrator…

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your name? Where are you based? What does a typical day look like to you?

Hi I’m Sarah! I’m a surface pattern designer based in Bridgend South Wales. I’ve been working as a freelance designer since 2013 having previously worked for print and textile design studios in New York City after my degree. In a typical day I’m usually creating new artwork, either for myself or a client. I may be adapting artwork to a fit a particular client’s needs, or chatting via email about a new brief or upcoming project.

How would you describe your style of work?

My work is typically colourful, and playful and can be quite naive and childlike when it comes to drawing characters too.

Floral pattern - cosmetic bag at ArtWow, wholesale
Plant power cushion at Art WOW

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given in life?

To always give it your best shot, there’s so many extremely talented designers online now it’s very easy to feel discouraged, but everybody’s work is so different and unique – just put yourself out there and focus on your own path.

What inspires you?

Oh lots of things: the toys books and magazines my kids like to use, packaging design, fashion, colour! Sometimes it’s the simple things you may see on a walk, a billboard sign or cool coffee shop signage.

Is there a piece of artwork on Art Wow that you are most proud of? Why?

A piece called papercut floral pattern, which I created last year. It has been a really versatile pattern and I still love it, its super playful and happy!

Papercut Floral placemat by Art Wow
Happy blooms cushion on Art WOW
Hot pinhk abstracr tea towel wholesale

If your artwork were music, what would it sound like?

Oh that’s a hard question! probably some upbeat pop music, something that makes you smile.

What artist, past or present has inspired you?

During my degree I really loved reading about the lives of female artists like Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe, and present day I’m a huge fan of Lisa Congdon.

Who are your biggest influences?

I love following other creative small business and seeing how different people make a work/life balance that suits their own specific needs.

What was the last gift you gave someone?

I bought my Dad some of his favourite chocolate for Father’s Day this month!

How did you get started as an illustrator?

I studied surface pattern and textiles at university, and I really enjoyed learning about the different printing processes. Once we were introduced to photoshop and illustrator I knew working digitally was going to be for me.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Definitely a spoilt cat in a loving home with a garden to enjoy. They get the best of both worlds cats!

It's a good day to have a good day - coaster by ArtWow, wholesale
Mushroom floral pattern phone case at Art WOW

How did you develop your distinct style? Was it an experimental process?

I think my style does change gradually over time. Skills like drawing ability and use of colour improve the more I create. Often, I’ll start to introduced a new technique or mix in more hand drawing with the digital and then it just becomes part of my overall look.

What have been your biggest creative challenges to date?

Trying to stay motivated to create all the time can be hard and overwhelming, so If I’m feeling burnt out, I try to and spend a bit of time on admin, or research if I’m and take a break from creative work.

 In one word, describe how art makes you feel.


Spring Cat keyring by Art Wow
Tropical leaf flip flops on Art WOW
Makeup bag wholesale by Artwow

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