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Now that the summer time is fast approaching and restrictions are easing, I think it important we talk a bit about the amazing deck chairs we have available on our website! Like us, we know you’ll be starting to think about your garden and how you would like it to look, especially now that guests, family and friends are allowed to sit in your garden! This is exciting times and its well deserved to treat yourself and your garden to a spruce up! Our personalised deck chairs also go so beautifully in the home as well for those of you that love a new piece of furniture! We have so many artists and designs to choose from, but luckily for you, we will go through some of our faves with you.

Pearl & Clover is an artist we absolutely adore here at Art Wow! Her designs are so beautifully made and her attention to detail is immaculate! Pearl & Clovers designs are all so different form each other, but a common theme throughout her art is floral patterns, animal prints and the odd swear or two! What’s not to love?! After seeing how her designs look on our deckchairs, it was a MUST to feature them in our blog. Starting off strong we have ‘Let that Shit Go’. The Floral pattern would look beautiful in a garden full of flowers and the animal print and the quotes fit our cheeky, wild side perfectly. This will be a crowd pleaser and a conversation starter for sure. Next up we have ‘Lightning Bolt’. This design is mesmerising. For a décor that’s a bit more on the darker, chic side, this design is definitely the one. However, up close you’ll notice there’s a lot more going on and a lot more colour involved. It’s the perfect mix of subtle and bold. Similarly, to ‘Lightning Bolt’, ‘Darling Your Different’ is also a perfect mix of chic and bold. The flowers stand out from the dark background and we adore the positive and uplifting quote as well. For a garden full of green, we think that ‘Flamingoes and Palms’ or ‘Starlight Tiger’ would suit. These designs would look great on our deck chairs and make for the best summer garden staple.

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Buy canvas deck chairs on Art WOW: Lightning Bolt by Pearl & Clover
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Buy canvas deck chairs on Art WOW - Starlight tiger by Pearl & Clover designer

Next up we have Dolly Wolfe! Her designs on our deck chairs look fabulous. Sabi also has a flare for detail, colour and captures a person’s persona in her portraits so well. Her celebrity icon portrayals are spot on and her unique style makes her stand out as an artist. As popular as her designs are on our wonderful products, we can’t help but adore how they look on our deck chairs. ‘David Bowie’ is a classic design. We don’t know someone who isn’t a Bowie fan. Dolly Wolfe has captured nostalgia and a true icon in this art work. The blue adds a pop of colour and we can’t help but want to picture what this deck chair would look like in the sunshine! Of course, we have to mention Sabi’s ‘Elton John’ design. These both actually pair very well together because of the different shades of blue! Eltons expression is perfectly captured. ‘Harry Neon Pink’ is another design for the music lovers, and the use of green makes for a great garden deck chair! What’s great about all of these designs is that you can pay tribute to your favourite music and celebrities in the most unique way! For those of us who love a good TV series, ‘Fleabag – I Fucking Love You’ is a classic (and if you haven’t seen it, we recommend you do!). We take so many things from TV series’, from quotes to inspiration in many forms. Having one of these designs printed on our deckchairs acts as a fabulous statement piece of art or furniture, dedicated to the people and shows we love!

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Elton John - personalised canvas deck chairs - buy on Art WOW
Harry Styles pink deck chair
Buy wooden deck chairs from UK, Art WOW: designed by Sabi Koz

Wallace Elizabeth is also a beloved Art Wow artist. She has many different styles from celebrity icons, patterns, animal prints and fabulous quotes! A design that stood out to us on the deck chairs was ‘You Can’t Sit With Us!’. They go so perfectly together that we just had to feature it in this blog. The hues of pink are so pretty but it’s humour and relation to Mean Girls (and sitting) is what we find hilarious! Another design of hers is ‘Women In Charge’. The powerful quote is a must have and the blue flowers would look stunning in a garden full of colourful plants and petals! This art work pairs so well with ‘I Am A Goddess’. Reading these mantras every day is bound to have a positive impact on one’s self, but again, we love how the use of flowers would look outside in nature or inside to add life to any interior style.

We are sure you will enjoy wonderful deck chairs designed by our amazing artists here at Art Wow!

Beach deck chair
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Buy canvas deck chair on Art WOW: I'm a goddess

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