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David Bowie continues to be one of the most influential and celebrated musicians to have ever existed. His music, in combination with his personality, multiple ‘personas’, such as Ziggy Stardust, and individuality, make him an icon. It’s easy to see why people still have such love for him! For those Bowie-obsessed, you may think that you have exhausted everything bowie-related that you can buy. You of course will have all the albums and memorabilia available as a must-have, plus your kitchen is probably overrun with Bowie-themed mugs. But as the summer months draw closer, we have something exciting to offer you – David Bowie themed Deck Chairs!

Our Art Wow deck chairs are a great way to add personality into a mundane but essential piece of garden furniture. This is especially true if you live in the UK, as we know how rare it is to be able to sit and relax outside, so when that sun comes out, you definitely want to be spending as much time outside as possible! Our deck chairs are wooden framed and foldable like most, but with one important difference – the design!

Fabulous Bowie’ by Helen Green is one of our best-selling Bowie design, and it’s easy to see why! The design features several versions of Bowie with different looks from over his career, arranged in a playful way across the fabric to give you an energetic design. If you are looking for that perfect pair of Bowie-themed deck chairs, then pair this with Helen Green’s other design, ‘He Was The Nazz’, for the perfect combination for your outside space.

Fabulous Bowie - Deck chair on beach, Art Wow artist Helen Green
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If you are as obsessed with Bowie’s fashion and style choices as you are his music, then the one design you will definitely want for your deck chair is ‘David Bowie Fashion’ by Notsniw Art. His clever design shows several depictions of Bowie in some of his most recognisable outfits from across his career. The design is printed all the way across the deck chair seat so that you can see all the attention to detail that has gone into the illustration, as well as best showing off the design.

For more vibrant designs of Bowie, ‘Hopeful Bowie’ by Laura Selevos, and ‘Neon Bowie’ by Kirstie Taylor, are two designs that are worth looking at. Both artists have created portraits of the artist using their own individual style while using striking and vibrant colours, which are often connected with David Bowie’s own personal sense of style. Bold, colourful and confident, these portraits are the perfect depiction of such a celebrated artist.

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If the style you are going for is something more simple while still being fun and giving a nod to Bowie, then designs such as ‘Bunny Bowie’ and ‘Cat Bowie’ would be perfect for your outdoor space. Both these design use Bowie’s signature lightening bold motif. By keeping the rest of the design white with simple black outlining, both artists have given focus to that instantly recognisable red and blue design!

Bunny Bowie - buy deck chair slings on Art Wow, wholesale
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No matter what style you are following when curating your outside space, injecting your own personality into your accessories is a must! Normal deck chairs can be boring, often just being a block colour or featuring a design which is uninspired, but not anymore! There is no longer a need to keep your personality all contained within the house as Art Wow deck chairs allow you to bring this passion and vibrancy outside. A Bowie-themed deck chair is a great way to bring just a little of that character outside, all while showing your respect for this truly talented artist.

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