Boho style in interier of living room

Modern Boho style in bedroom & living room

Modern Boho is a style of interior that has stuck around for many years! It’s a colourful, bold and vibrant style that’s full of mixed patterns and textiles, which take inspiration from places all around the world. We love that you don’t have to compromise by selecting certain designs that go together – modern boho is a relaxed style, and it’s all about celebrating your favourite pieces and mixing up textiles, patterns, colours and original art work. ‘Boho Banana Leaves Glam #3 #Tropical #Decor #Art’ and ‘Liquid Malachite Glitter Dream #1 (Faux Glitter) #Gem #Decor #Art‘ by Anita Bella Jantz are art works that vary in patterns and colour and also contain natural elements which is also a big part of the modern boho style as well.

BOHO banana leaves glam on Artwow
Liquid malachite glitter on

These prints would look perfect in your modern boho bedroom or living room! At ARTWOW, we can also print these designs and more on placemats, plates and mugs which would look great in a modern boho dining room! Furthermore, ‘Animal Fur Black & White Geometric Glam #1 #Geo #Decor #Art‘ by Anita Bella Jantz is perfect for adding texture to your interior and ‘Tropical Boho Jungle Pattern 1 Peach, Pink, Turquoise’ by Dominique Vari is a great print which layers colour and pattern.

Animal fur black & white on Artwow Tropical boho in bedroon and living room style on

The idea of the ‘modern industrial boho’, came from older buildings such as churches and warehouses being converted into living spaces. These created interesting looks in the home, such as exposed wall or vintage fireplaces which go with the modern boho style! However, if your home isn’t one of these things, you can still replicate these styles in your modern boho home, by using our amazing selection of prints created by our ever so talented independent artists! ‘Blush Brick Imperfection’ by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale is a great print for replicating the modern industrial boho in your home! We hope we have given you some inspiration for your modern boho interior!

Blush brick imperfection by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale on Artwow Blush brick imperfection by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale in Boho style on

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