Beautiful Non-Medical Face Masks

Face Masks!

Non-medical face masks with stunning original artwork on by our talented Art Wow artists.
Washable soft polyester face covering with a printed outer layer.
One size fits most adults, with two over-ear straps to fit different face sizes and for a snug fit over mouth and nose. Also suitable for children. Care card included with mask.

A percentage of profits from the sales of masks will be donated to the NHS.

See our collection of face masks

Best face masks for virus protection from UK

Antiviral face mask - Frida Floral

Protective face masks

Virus face mask Love leopard

Face mask design - Vivid Mandala

Antiviral face masks in UK - Tiger

Antiviral face masks by Adam Regester

Photo face masks - Tigers and leopards

Funny face masks on Artwow

Cool face masks by Artwow

Face mask for virus protection - London Love

Reusable face masks

Unique face covering on Artwow - Patron Saint Of Fab - Patsy

Creative face mask for sale

Custom face mask - RAINBOW

Pink face mask - Mean girls

Face mask pictures

Washable face masks by ArtWOW

Anti virus face mask UK

Face mask for virus - Fabulous Bowie

Travel face mask

Buy face mask online on Artwow

Face mask wholesale - Love polka dot

Face mask wholesale in UK - Uma Prabhakar Gokhale

Best face masks in London

Protective face mask UK

Fashion mouth mask in UK - Hot lips

Best antiviral face masks created by Artwow artists

How to put your Art Wow mask on demonstrated by co owner, Liz.


Personalised drink coasters on Artwow

Personalised coasters created by Artwow artists

Hi everyone, Happy Monday!
We love our custom hand printed coasters designed by our talented Art Wow artists! Here’s a few of our faves this week…

Choose from either our cork backed coasters OR our glass coasters!

Personalized beer mats created by by Uma Gokhale for Artwow

Customised coasters

Personalised coaster from UK

Custom beer mats

Personalised glass coasters

Photo coasters uk

personalised photo coasters

Print coasters in UK

Personalised drink coasters - Patron Saint Of Fab - Edina

Design your own coasters

Unique coaster

Personalised coaster by Rachel Waite - for Artwow

Customised coasters

personalised coaster in UK

beer mats custom

personalised glass coasters

photo coasters uk

personalised photo coasters


Unique Homeware & Gifts you’ll love

Unique homeware on Artwow

Custom printed homeware and gifts just for you!

Here are some of our top picks this week!

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(be quick – for 1 week only!!)

Original prints by Artwow designers


Leather photo keyrings

Printed leather photo keyrings

New Round Glitter Faux Leather Keyrings!

These super cute leather photo keyrings come in a range of colours! 
Choose from Gold, Silver, Blue or Pink.
The Faux Leather side has unique printed art work on by our Art Wow artists.

The perfect gift with so many stunning artworks to choose from!
Personalise your own in our Upload and Buy Section

Personalised key ring

Personalised photo keyrings

Leather keyring

Personalised leather keyring

Photo keyring from UK

Printed keyrings

Key ring personalised

Leather photo keyring

Personalised key rings UK

Personalised keyrings photo and text

Photo keyrings by Helen Green

Personalised key ring

Personalised photo keyrings by Rachel Waite

Cute keyrings

Leather keyring

Personalised leather keyring

Photo keyring uk

Printed keyrings

Key ring personalised

Leather photo keyring

Personalised key rings uk - gifts

Designer keyrings

Personalised photo keyrings

Leather keyring

personalised leather keyring

Photo keyring from UK

Printed keyrings by Helen Green

Key ring personalised

Warning! Cheeky language! 


Popular unusual gift ideas

Unusual gift ideas for your loved ones

Beautiful hand printed Homeware, Gifts and Art!
We’re committed to supporting our community of independent designers and artists, and bringing you happiness in your homes. Here are some of our top picks!

Click here to see all unusual gift ideas

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cool art prints

Mug photo printing

Photo print on mug

Ceramic plates

Personalised coaster uk

Washable face mask

Personalised glass coasters

Personalised drink coasters

Funny tea towels

Tea towel printing

Original prints

Designed plate

Unique mugs

Personalised mouse mat

Funny tea towels

Funny face masks by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale

Personalised dinner plates

Personalised dinner plate

Custom tea towels

Dinner sets sale from UK

Funny personalised mugs

Printed tote bags from UK

Ceramic plate

Quirky prints

Photo canvas prints from UK

Original prints

Coffee mugs UK

Face mask wholesale

Face mask design

Washable face mask

Original art prints from UK