70’s Vibe

That 70’s Vibe

The 70’s theme is well-known for its positive vibes and funky, unforgettable tunes. In celebration of this period of time, we have selected our favourite 70’s themed artwork, created by our ever-so talented independent artists – these are shown below!

The perfect way to celebrate the disco, party and music elements of the 70’s is to pay tribute to the  celebrity icons that made the 70’s what we know of it today.

Icons such as Elton John and David Bowie come to mind! Designs such as ‘Elton John’ by Dolly Wolfe and ‘Imagine John Lennon and Yoko Ono’ by Laura Selevos’ both capture a unique and creative representation of these famous faces. These prints add a pop of colour and nostalgia to any room!

‘Bowie Bolt’ by Alexander Jackson is a more subtle, yet trendy way of capturing one of David Bowies most iconic looks! This print shows the famous lightning bolt that he rocked.

Elton John print by Sabi Koz - cool art prints from UK Imagine John Lennon & Yoko Ono by Laura Selevos - personalised dinner plates on Artwow.co David Bowie - Modern art prints from UK

As well as these famous celebrity icons, the 70’s is also all about colour, patterns and shapes. Designs from Taudalpoi such as ‘Illusionary Boat ride’ and ‘70’s Summer vibes’ use popular retro colours and have a vintage feel about them that we love. Both designs have a repeating pattern which look amazing printed on our popular plates, mugs, keyrings, coasters and more! Our range of products allows you to add a pop of 70’s in your living room, kitchen and bedroom – all around your home!

Illusionary Boat Ride by Taudalpoi - awesome art prints from UK 70s Summer Vibes by Taudalpoi - Buy unusual ceramic plates on Artwow.co

Fonts and phrases are also a massive part of the 70’s – it’s what makes the 70’s a recognisable era that radiates positivity, party and peace! ‘Funky’ by Cheryl Boland captures a musical phrase from that upbeat song we all know and love! Also, The Native States ‘Disco Disco’ emphasizes that party feel and adds a fun element to your home. Perhaps a pick me up for those currently working from home.

We love these 70’s theme designs. Peace and love!

Funky by Cheryl Boland - positive art prints from UK Disco Disco by The Native State - Buy personalised framed prints on Artwow.co

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