Funky Cork-Backed Placemats

Unique and Funky Cork-Backed Placemats

The kitchen table is one of the main hearts of any home. They are not just a piece of furniture that you eat at, but are the location where homes come to enjoy a meal and spend time together. However, they can often be very boring places, serving as functional locations rather than somewhere fun and enjoyable, and although centre pieces, such as flowers and candles, can help to being some life to the space, there is a much easier way to bring a little fun to the table – placemats! Photo placemats are a valuable addition to any home but are unfortunately an accessory that is often overlooked. Not only do they serve a functional purpose of protecting your furniture from heat, staining and scratching, but they are also one of the easiest ways to add a sense of fun and style to a quite dominating bit of furniture. Luckily, we have hundreds of funky cork-backed placemat designs to choose from to ensure you find the perfect fit for your table.

Moroccan Blue White Pattern - custom placemats by Art Wow artist
Summer Floral - personalised placemat designed by Art WOW artist
70S SUMMER VIBES - funny placemats created by Art WOW artist

Like with any home accessory, it is important that you choose designs that suit you and your home; and luckily, with so many designs on offer, you no longer need to have a boring, vanilla set of identical placemats but instead can choose multiple to fit your personality and home. Art Wow has hundreds of designs to allow you to find the perfect placemat, or set, for your home. Our funky placemats are corked-backed too, meaning that they are also still practical and will protect your table from heat and scratches.

For those who are food-obsessed, designs such as ‘Peanut Butter Lover’ by Stephanie Komen and ‘Caramel Biscuit’ by Stonefoxes, allow you to add some of this personality into your eating space. These unique placemats are a must-have for buy for yourself, or as a gift for friends and family, who are always excited for their next snack!

PEANUT BUTTER LOVER - printed placemats designed by Stephanie Komen for ART WOW
Caramel Biscuit - personalised placemats created by Artwow artist StoneFoxes

Explorer’ by Maya Mladenovic and ‘Galactic Pool’ by Taudalpoi, are two designs which work great together despite being by two different artists. They both share a surrealist take on space to give a modern view on exploration which allows them to work great together as a placemat pairing.

Explorer - designer placemat created by ART WOW artist
Galactic pool - personalised placemats created by Artwow artist

However, if you want to add a bit more personalisation to your table, then why not allow each person to choose their own design. If your family is like mine, then everyone has their own dedicated seat at the table where they always automatically sit, so why not play on that idea and get individual placemats to suit each person – like an everyday, modern version of a place card holder! This works perfectly for families or groups of people with varying tastes, as it means that everyone can have their own design for the own place.

If you are slightly more traditional with your design preferences and want something more relaxing and sophisticated, then a design such as ‘Tropical Dream V2’ is the perfect example of something that will fit with any space and interior design. It’s neutral enough to fit harmoniously into any room design while still adding vibrancy to any table. While, for a nature and animal lover, ‘The Jaguar’ is a perfect addition to any home, with its unique placement making this animal centre focus of both the placemat and your table setting.

Tropical dream v.2 - table placemats designed by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale for ART WOW
The jaguar - cork placemats created by Artwow artist Fatpings studio

Or maybe in the mornings you need something a little more motivational to get you going. Adding a motivational quote onto a placemat works great as a little pick-me-up before having a meal – especially on a Monday morning! ‘Stand Out’, by The 13 Prints and ‘Let That Shit Go’ by Pearl & Clover , are just two examples of how to add a bit of motivation and confidence to your home décor.

Stand out - personalised placemats designed by The 13 prints for ART WOW
Let that shit go - personalised place mat created by Artwow artist EARL & CLOVER

Inserting a passion or obsession into your home accessories is a great way to emphasise your love for something or someone in particular – it’s one of the reasons why our celebrity designs always sell so well! Adding a celebrity-themed placemat to your table not only adds liveliness and colour, but it shows your personality for everyone to see! A huge fan of Freddie Mercury? Then why not choose a design that reflects this, such as ‘Freddie’ by Cheryl Boland. Or Maybe your more of an iconic movie fan. In which case ‘Mean Girls’ by Pink + Pip is definite must-have design.

Freddie - place mats UK designed by ART WOW artist
mean girls - cork backed placemats created by Artwow artist

Placemats are one of the easiest ways to add colour and design to a piece of furniture, and our designs mean that they no longer have to serve just a functional use. And if you are into matching sets, they why not get some cork-backed coasters to match your new, gorgeous set of placemats! This combination will not only bring some fashion to your table but will also help to create an atmosphere which is fun and relaxed for both yourself and dining guests. Whether you get a matching or themed set for everyone at the table or go for a mix of more tailored designs for each individual, placemats no longer need to be brought out just before eating as our designs will definitely ensure that you make them a permanent feature. Our cork-backed placemats combine both practicality and style to add a bit of liveliness to any kitchen table, so why not start and end your meals with a little added personality!

Hands off shithead - large placemats for your kitchen
Little houses - dining table placemats created by Artwow artist Stonefoxes
Paradise house - Kitchen - unusual placemats on ART WOW
Possible - dining table placemats on Artwow - wholesale

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