Pink Kitchen Ideas

Pink Kitchen Ideas

Whether it’s a trend you love or hate, Pink Kitchens show no sign of going out of trend any time soon! One of 2020’s must-have interiors, pink kitchens dominated social media, and are continuing to grow in popularity. Pink, although as unlikely of a kitchen colour it may seem, is actually one of the best colours to pair in your kitchen, it the colour having many different hues allowing for multiple colour combinations. It is also an incredibly versatile colour and is able to combine effortlessly with almost any other colour, material or textile, so can be an easy last minute finishing addition to any kitchen.

Over the years there have been many pink trends, with the colour stereotypically being used in children’s bedrooms; however, the colour pink does have scientific links to food, with it being a both a warm, mood boosting colour, but also having the ability to help regulate food consumption by suppressing your appetite. Pink is a universally loved colour which brings life to a room, either boldly or subtly, all depending on the tone and pattern you choose.

Tea for three - wholesale tea towels by Art Wow artist Adam Regester
You are my lobster - kitchen tea towels from UK designed by Art WOW artist Rachel Waite
Good times - designer tea towels created by Art WOW artist Heidi Clawson

Ranging from blush and baby pink, to fuchsia and even our very own Art Wow, shocking pink, the colour is one of the most varied in terms of shades. However, unlike gender stereotypes suggest, we all know pink isn’t just for girls! It’s a multifunctional colour that can add live and softness to any space, even when juxtaposed to typical kitchen materials such as hard wood or concrete, another popular kitchen trend. Chopping boards are the best way to show this juxtaposition with a surface top and cabinets, as they are often left out on display. Personalised glass chopping boards act not only as a functional surface for display and cooking purposes, but also add fun and colour to a more structured kitchen element – the countertop. Often quite paired back in colour, counter tops tend to be purely functional in a lot of homes, and whether you keep your cluttered with equipment and tools, or like to have it completely clear, adding a chopping board will break up this large surface and add some texture change.

BLUSH BANANA LEAVES DREAM - large glass chopping board designed by ART WOW artist
PINK DALMATIAN ABSTRACT PRINT - pink chopping board created by Artwow artist

For this trend to work in your home, you don’t have to go all out with pink either – subtle touches of pink here and there will add to the tone of your home and add instant personality, as well as a pop of colour. Adding accessories instead of large interior decorations will allow you to more easily control the amount of colour in your kitchen, as well as swap out designs and colours as you interior tastes develop. Elements such as mugs and plates are an east way to start if you are not sure how to add colour into your home, as they can be left out as part of decoration or stored in cupboards and brought out when in use. This is the easiest way to begin to experiment with new colours if you are unsure if they will suit your style. These dinner plates and personalised mugs don’t have to be bright pink either! By adding text to a design, it not only breaks it up, but also adds more personality than a block colour design, making them perfect gifts.

YOU DID NOT WAKE UP TO BE MEDIOCRE - designer coffee mugs designed by ART WOW artist
Wonder woman - online mug printing by Artwow
See you next Tuesday - small dinner plates designed by Wallace Elizabeth for ART WOW
IS BUTTER A CARB? - personalised dinner plates created by Artwow artist Wallace Elizabeth

Pink kitchens are here to stay! So why not invest in some accessories to instantly change your kitchen to add some instant warmth and colour to your room with a touch of pink!

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