father's day gifts guide

Father’s day unique gift guide

Not long now til’ we celebrate the amazing men in our life! Whether it be a Dad, stepdad or Grandad – we have a range of gifts for whoever you decide to celebrate on this lovely day. Not sure what to gift your favourite guy? Fear not! You have come to the right place! We understand that it can be difficult to buy a gift that truly expresses how much you love and appreciate your Dad. This gift guide will supply you with the most amazing gift ideas for your wonderful father figure. Happy shopping!

A good place to start is the greetings card! We have a wide range of thoughtful cards that express your gratitude and love on Father’s Day. We love Adam Regester’s ‘Love You Dad’ and ‘Dad I Love You The Most’. The great thing about these designs, is they also come in versions for stepdads and Grandads as well! Like we said, we have something for all! 😉 Artist Adam Regester also designs many TV icon prints. ‘Schitt Father’s Day’ is a great play on words! For the king of Dad jokes, we suggest ‘Blobfish’ by Ellie Bednall. Now, this does poke fun, but the most important thing is that your Dad has a smile on his face, right?! For even more wonderful greetings cards, visit our greetings cards section under ‘Shop’, where you can find a helpful ‘Father’s Day Cards’ tag to make things that bit more easier for you!

Love you dad - printing greeting cards from artwork by Art Wow
Dad I love you the most - wholesale greeting cards from UK designed by Art WOW
Schitt Father's day - greeting card companies uk
Blobfish - printing greetings cards to sell by Artwow

We understand that all Dad’s styles and preferences are different! For some Dads, sports can be a massive part of their life. Having a passion is really special and gifting something associated with that passion is even better. A personal gift, sure to pull on the heart strings. This is what Father’s Day is all about – showing how well you know your lovely Dad. ‘Spoke-tacular Dad’ by Lisa Wardle and ‘Cloud Drive’ by Taudalpoi are simply beautiful! These unique designs incorporate things that your Dad might be interested in. These also look great printed on any of our fabulous products from prints, plates, mugs, coasters and placemats – to name just a few! For the football fanatic, we have a variety of designs from his favourite teams, such as ‘Super Daddio’ by The Girl Next Draw, to wonderful portraiture of his favourite players such as ‘Diego’ by Kitty & Rex Designs. Pair his most beloved football team with his favourite scent. Our amazing candles come in four wonderful scents to choose from. Nothing says ‘I know you’ more! Furthermore, ‘Soccer Butts’ by Notsniw Art, is a design that looks great printed on a plate or a mug– it includes a whole team of players in different, colorful kits. We hope this helps!

Spoke-tacular Dad - beer coaster by Art Wow
Cloud drive - a1 canvas prints by Art WOW
Super Daddio - beer coaster designed by Art WOW artists
Diego - funny tea mugs designed by ART WOW artist
Soccer Butts - unique coffee mugs created by Artwow artist

Here at Art Wow, we are known for our popular Celebrity Icon designs. Perfect for the musical Dads or the film lovers. ‘Royal Freddie’ by Laura Selevos needs no introduction. Who doesn’t love Queen?! This design has the power to reverse time and evoke the happiest of memories! How special is that?! Perhaps you could have this printed on one of our chopping boards, so that every time your Dad enters the kitchen, he is reminded of the wicked gifts he received this Father’s Day!😉 Another artwork of Laura’s that we absolutely love is ‘Thoughtful Bob’. These designs are so unique in the way they are painted – bold colours and dashing brush strokes are most definitely pleasing to the eye! We cannot forget the amazing artist that is Wallace Elizabeth! ‘Stevie’ and ‘John’ amongst many other celebrity designs, stand out and look great in the home! Another popular design by Wallace Elizabeth is the amazing ‘Patron Saint of Chill – Bob Ross’. As our promise to you, we know your Dad will love these unique gifts this Father’s Day. For even more options, visit our Father’s Day photo gifts collection on our website, where we have selected a wide range of lovely gifts for ALL the amazing father figures our there. Enjoy your day, it is well deserved!

Royal Freddie - personalised chopping board uk by Art Wow artist Laura Selevos
Thoughtful Bob - kitchen tea towels designed by Art WOW artist Laura Selevos
Stevie - a1 canvas prints  by Art WOW artists
Elton John - coffee cup and saucer designed by ART WOW artist
PATRON SAINT OF CHILL - BOB ROSS - 9 inch dinner plates UK created by Artwow artist

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