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The popularity of houseplants has been soaring the last couple of years and are now back in fashion more than ever before! A staple of any household, houseplants have become a key part of the home, a must-have house accessory.

The popularity of houseplants is down to several reasons, but the main one is due to the fact that now more than ever we are spending more time indoors, with Britons spending on average 90% of their day inside.

Houseplants are a key way of bringing the outdoors in and surrounding yourself with nature, particularly if you live in a small home or in a city, which brings with it vital physical benefits, such as filtering pollutants and oxygenating a room, which also being a natural mood booster.

Houseplant and floral based designs are always in style, with pieces such as ‘Back to Paradise Island’ by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale, ‘Wildflowers’ by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale, and ‘Leopard leaves’ by Pearl & Clover, being particular ones that we have found to be popular on ART WOW, not only as prints, but also as gifts and homeware.

Owning houseplants is a trend which is only predicted to continue to grow! This year has shown the psychological and physical benefits of being around nature are more important than ever, and just by bringing imagery of nature into your everyday life can have a huge impact.

This imagery does not have to be just a photograph of a beautiful plant or piece of scenery but can be more vintage or stylistic too. It is just the idea of being around something natural that automatically creates this sense of calming freedom.

One of the good benefits of houseplants compared to flowers is that, besides the fact that they live longer, they mostly take care of themselves and so grow to become one with the space rather than just being something you put in it temporarily.

Designs such as ‘Vintage Tropical’ by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale and ‘Cacti’ by Wallace Elizabeth give a different take on the houseplant, instead drawing from old-fashioned imagery to give you something more vintage looking. ‘Summer Pineapple Tropical Garden’ by Uta Naumann is another design that still achieve the idea of bringing the outdoors in but in a way which is bolder and more vibrant by using less green and brighter colour variety.

If plant trend predictions are correct, then 2021 is going to be all about the cacti! With sales up a huge 60% over the festive period they are a great plant-based gift for both new plant owners and full-time plant parents.

However, our love of the cactus doesn’t just stop at the physical plant itself, the cactus is one of the most recognisable plant species in the world, and a much-loved symbol of hotter climates. Imagery such as ‘Cacti (on coral background)’ by Adam Regester and ‘Cactus Dream’ by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale are instantly recognisable and will bring a touch of warmer climates to any room.

However, as much as we would all love to have a house full of plants, some of us just weren’t born as natural plant carers, and so have to use other ways of bringing the outdoors in. Surrounding yourself with imagery of the outdoors can help boost your mood by making you feel calmer and more relaxed; plus, green is psychologically known to make us feel safe and content.

If it is a gift for a plant-lover, or yourself, that you’re looking for then buying yet another plant may seem like the easy way out, while getting them something with photographic houseplant imagery might not be personal or fun enough. Luckily, houseplants are one of the few house accessories that can fit in with any room, style and design, with them often being used in contrast to prints in order for them to draw complimenting parallels.

Junglow’ by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale, ‘Take the Time to Smell the Roses’ by Vicky Day and ‘Relax’ by The 13 prints are examples of prints that would work brilliantly in a home with lots of plants. They still connect to the idea of the houseplant but in a way which is more fun and playful!

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