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Freddie Mercury is undoubtably one of the best musicians and showmen that the music scene has ever had! His unique vocals as part of Queen combined with his experimentational flamboyance with clothing and performing make him an icon to this day! His recognisable look, vocals and clothing continues to inspire modern day musicians and other creatives despite him passing away tragically in 1991.

Freddie Mercury themed products and designs continue to be some of the most popular on Art Wow due to the love that continues to exist for such a talented individual. ‘Freddie Cool’ by Dolly Wolfe and ‘Freddie Mercury’ by Kirstie Taylor are just two of the designs what help to capture the essence of the legend Freddie Mercury!

Freddie Mercury - custom tea towels designed by ART WOW designers
Freddie Mercury - personalized mug with picture designed by Kirstie Taylor for ArtWow

Although there is no doubt that Freddie was a skilled singer and songwriter, it was his skills as a showman that helped set Queen apart from other bands. He knew how to entertain audiences and how to connect with them, no matter if he was playing to just a couple of hundred or thousands! His Live Aid ’85 performance was iconic for both the world and Queen, with scenes of him singing on stage in a white tank top and light blue jeans being the image that would come to mind for a lot of people.

Although appearing often shy and introverted off stage due to his withdrawal from the public eye, it was on-stage when Freddie truly came to life! ‘Fandango’ by Wallace Elizabeth is just one of the many Freddie designs on Art Wow that captures the showmanship of Freddie Mercury.

FANDANGO - cute coffee cups created by ART WOW designer Wallace Elizabeth

However, it wasn’t just his showmanship that got him noticed on stage. It was also his outfits! Freddie Mercury wasn’t one to shy away from wearing daring outfits and putting himself out there. As Queen’s following grew, so did his evolution into a style icon. From shorts to kimonos, military jackets to spandex, Freddie was not afraid of experimenting with fashion, both on and off stage, with his clothes becoming a signature part of his performances.

Freddie’ by Notsniw Art shows just some of his most iconic looks in which he performed and is known for. Whereas ‘Royal Freddie’ by Laura Selevos and ‘Freddie’ by Bec Broomhall both depict Freddie in his outfit worn at the end of the ‘Magic’ shows, where he would walk on stage wearing white trousers and a red king’s robe, flaunting a replica of the British crown.

FREDDIE - colourful dinner plate by ART WOW designer Notsniw Art
Royal Freddie -  ceramic dinner plate designed by Art Wow artist Laura Selevos
FREDDIE - colourful tote bag designed by ART WOW artist Bec Broomhall

Queen’s songs remain some of the most recognisable in music, with their unique mix of musical genres creating songs never heard before. The group’s signature harmonies combined both ballads, folk, metal, pop, and rock to create unique, unforgettable songs, most famous of which being Bohemian Rhapsody.

Queen and Freddie weren’t afraid of playing around with music and having fun with it, which is one of the trademarks that makes their experimental music so recognisable. ‘Favourite Queen’, by Nichola Cowdery, and ‘Freddie Purrcury’, by katie Ruby Miller, are two examples of more playful designs available at Art Wow.

FAVOURITE QUEEN - personalised photo coaster designed by ART WOW artist Nichola Cowdery
Freddie Purrcury - personalised photo coaster designed by ART WOW artist Katie Ruby Miller

Freddie Mercury was undoubtably a star that was taken from us too soon, but although he may have died in 1991, at the age of 45, his music produced both solo and with Queen will continue to live on for years to come.

Queens music continues to be listened to by generations, with the We Will Rock You musical and recent Bohemian Rhapsody movie ensuring that his legacy continues to inspire.

Freddie - Glass chopping board designed by ART WOW artist Cheryl Boland
Freddie Minimal Portrait - positive art print designed by ART WOW artist Adam Regester

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