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Less is More

Less is more is a trend that is proving to be immensely popular at the moment. It is a feel-good trend that sparks joy in the finer things. The minimalistic approach to life, allows you to live in a peaceful space, clutter free. The aim of ‘less is more’ is to have your belongings in a space that you really love, thus, creating a greater positive effect when you enter a room.

Art Wow offer an incredible selection of artwork that suit this trend perfectly. Artist Nika Akin has an amazing selection of delicate prints that we love! For example, ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Black Feather’ are prints that would look great together framed on a wall. These black and white prints create a calmness that would look effortless in a living room or bedroom.

Black and white photo prints from UK Original art prints on Art Wow

However, the ‘less is more’ trend doesn’t mean that we can’t have a pop of colour! Our pastel ‘Macaroon’ print created by InspiredImages or Justyna Jaszke’s ‘Glitch Art’ both hold a simplicity that is just so pleasing to the eye. Artist Anita Bella Jantz print ‘Ocean Beauty Dream’ has a stillness that reminds us to live and belong in the moment. This is what less-is-more is all about!

Macaron - Cool art prints from UK Buy original art prints on Artwow.co

These prints are also available on various homeware items such as cushions, tea towels, mugs, and cosmetic bags to carry on this minimalistic approach throughout your home.

Or, have your favourite subtle artwork printed on t-shirts or tote bags to shed some positivity on your day, wherever you may be!

Check out some of our minimalistic homeware and gifts.

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