Personalised easter gifts 2021 for friends

Personalised Easter Gifts for Friends

Traditionally a religious holiday, Easter is one of the few events that most people celebrate every year. Just like Christmas, it is an event in which families tend to get together to celebrate, with events such as easter egg hunts and easter parades being found in every village in England.

The holiday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead three days after being crucified by the Romans. It is the second most important date in many religions, but in particularly Christianity, coming second to the Birth of Jesus Christ, which is celebrated at Christmas. It is a holiday that often involves gift-giving as a way to show thanks and gratitude to friends and family while looking forward with optimism to a new year.

PINK BUNNY RABBIT FIRST EASTER - custom greeting cards by ART WOW designer Adam Regester
WOODLAND RABBITS -  photo print on pillow designed by Art Wow artist Vivian Viyiwi
PUGS BUNNY - unique mugs designed by ART WOW artist Jade O'Reilly

Like a lot of Christian holidays, Easter has been commercialised into a holiday event which can be non-religious – think the Easter Bunny, chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and little yellow chicks! However, this doesn’t make it any less special for people, with Easter still being a time of year when people would usually get together.

Unfortunately, this year Easter is going to be a little different. With family and friends not being able to meet this year for their usual celebrations, gifting around the Easter period is more important than ever to share the spring-spirit! ‘Easter bunnies‘ Is That For me?’ is one design that would make the perfect non-chocolate, quirky gift for friends or family during the easter period. Its whimsical take on Easter which connects to the more modern tradition of egg-giving. Matched perfectly with is it the ‘Hoppy Easter!’ greetings card, also by Ellie Bednall  which features a bunny rabbit cute enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

EASTER BUNNIES 'IS THAT FOR ME?' - designer coffee mugs designed by Ellie Bednall for ART WOW
HOPPY EASTER! - easter greeting cards designed by Ellie Bednall for ArtWow

Easter has a strong connection to spring too, with the holiday also representing new life and beginnings, which is why animals such as baby chicks and rabbits are often used as representation for the time of year. These baby animals are often also paired with flowers which tend to begin to bloom around Easter and spring. ‘Chick in an Egg’ by Charlotte Neve is the perfect example of baby animals being used to represent the Easter holidays. Chicks being born and coming out of shells are often used at Easter as they symbolize rebirth, a simple metaphor for the rebirth of Jesus after his crucifixion.

CHICK IN AN EGG - scented candle gift created by ART WOW designer Charlotte Neve

Rabbits also have strong connections with Easter for similar reasons, as they were symbols of abundant new life used by ancient civilizations, but also act as a reminder of spring and new life. They were chosen simply for the fact that most of their babies are born in spring arounds the Easter holidays, as so the Easter Rabbit became a symbol of the holiday!

Bunny with Tulip’, ‘Hot Air Easter Balloon’, and ‘Blossom Bunny’, all combine the animal with other symbols for spring and easter, such as flowers and eggs, to give a more modern and stylish take on the easter bunny.

BLOSSOM BUNNY - colourful dinner plate by ART WOW designer Rachel Foreman
HOT AIR EASTER BALLOON -  positive print designed by Art Wow artist Toni Jasper
BUNNY WITH TULIP - colourful tote bag designed by ART WOW artist Edna Ma

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