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Our Top 5 Interior Trends for Spring/Summer 2021

1. Nature and Nurture

Nature and Nurture is an interior trend as old as time, and one that seems to be always coming back into fashion! Bringing plants and natural imagery into the home helps us stay in touch with nature, which is particularly important as we are spending more time at home than ever before. And if you live without a garden or green space nearby, this is even more important, as nature helps us stay grounded and calm, relaxing us in a time when there isn’t much to relax about.

Our love affair with plants shows no sign of slowing down so now if the perfect time to start adding elements into your home to highlight your love for all things nature!

LA VIE EN ROSE - cool art prints by ART WOW designer The 13 Prints
WILD LEAVES -  phone case from UK designed by Art Wow artist Uma Prabhakar Gokhale
LEAVES OF THE JUNGLE - personalised photo pillow designed by ART WOW artist Mmarta BC

2.  On Display

Spending so much time at home makes us notice things about our homes which we may have never paid much attention to before and see them in a different light. For a lot of people, shelving is a practical storage solution, offering space to store all those items you want to keep but are not sure what to do with.

However, shelving can also act as an important decorative focal feature, one that will definitely liven up your space on a zoom call! This year it is all about displaying your items with pride! Making those prints, decorative items and photo frames really stand out in your home and give them a purpose.

Over the years decorative shelving has continues to gain traction, with it not being used in a way which is both practical, as storage for your treasured items, and decorative, by combining those items you need to store with art prints and decorative touches to make the shelving look less cluttered and more curated.

THE DISTRACTED READER - original prints by ART WOW designer Uma Prabhakar Gokhale
LOVE FLORAL POLKA DOT -  printed framed pictures designed by Art Wow artist The 13 Prints
AND RELAX - inspirational quote prints by ART WOW artist Lilly Rose

3. Geometric Shapes

There has been a significant shift towards rounded and geometric shapes in interiors over the past few years, and this spring, this trend is in full effect. However, some of us aren’t able to splash out on a quirky new geometric sofa or set of chairs, and so have to highlight the theme in other ways.

Prints and home accessories are the perfect way to do this, as they allow you to continue to use your existing furniture and re-display them to create a more dynamic space. Postmodern and 1980s Memphis-inspired pieces add hard-edge geometry into the room to create a sense of tension and focus that is not necessarily wall-based.

MID CENTURY MODERN GEOMETRIC - cool prints by ART WOW designer Theoldartstudio
GEOMETRIC CIRCLE AND SQUARE PATTERN - creative clocks designed by Art Wow artist Rahma Project
Moons of today - personalised wall art by ART WOW artist Brita Ingebrigtsen

4. Grandmillennial Granny Chic

Granny Chic is not an interior trend that you might be naturally drawn to, but this isn’t true for Grandmillenials! Grandmillenials have an affinity for designs trends considered stuffy and outdated, typically things you would associate with visiting your grandparents – embroidered decorations, Laura Ashley prints, ruffles and old-fashioned designs. This design trend is all about layering designs and pieces you love, regardless of if they typically go together in a cohesive design. It is a trend that allows you to show off your individual personality and style, whilst allowing a room to still feel warm to visitors, mainly due to the fact that it creates feelings of nostalgia and comforting tradition.

However, the trend is also versatile enough to allow each person to customise the amount of Granny-Chic that is embedded into their home. By just adding a few accessories you can create a unique homely-feel that combines both modern and traditional elements of interior design.

White crocuses, spring flowers - designer placemats by ART WOW designer Julia Khoroshikh
Vintage indian mandala -  personalised dinner plates by Art Wow artist InspiredImages
Green floral all over pattern - customised coasters designed by ART WOW artist Dizzy Wonders

5. Liveable Luxury

Amongst all the doom and gloom of the past year, we all need a little bit of luxury to lift our spirits while still making it a liveable expensive. Liveable luxury allows for versatility with a design which is very important as over the past year people are having to rethink those less-used spaces within a home in order to maximise their living space and make it work as a functional and relaxing home.

This added luxury can also change depending on room style and induvial taste, with decoration and finishing touches adding to rooms and changing their feel. Something as simple as adding a new print or swapping out your black mouse mat for something with more personality can help change the way you feel about being in a space, adding this idea of luxury.

Palm leaf I - quirky prints by ART WOW designer Mmarta BC
Glass chopping board designed by Art Wow
Sunday - designed dinner plate created by ART WOW artist Uma Prabhakar Gokhale

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