Weekly wants: Feel Good Friday

As the weekend approaches, it only feels right to pay tribute to the art that puts a smile on our faces! The special thing about art is that it has the power to positively influence our emotions. So, fear not! Art Wow is here to spread the love and save those gloomy days.

Words hold power. It’s crazy to think something so common and part of the ‘everyday’ is significant enough to completely change how we feel and go about our day. To get all scientific, positive words as simple as “Love” can encourage the areas in our brain to release certain genes that are dedicated to the promotion of positivity and general well-being. Understanding this, it seems most important to dedicate this blog post to the amazing artwork and products we have on our website, full of lovely words for our lovely stockists and customers. Here at Art Wow, we have a range of typography designs full of affirmations, inspiring quotes and happy words. Some of our favourites include ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ and ‘Nice Bum’ (a classic here at Art Wow), by the 13 Prints. The floral background in ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ looks beautiful in the home and the quote is perfect for the feel good vibe. Speaking of positive words, ‘Peace and Love’ by the Boy and the Bear contains many words to live by such as hope, harmony, peace and more. This design ties in with the above scientific research! We think this design would look great printed on a product that you’ll see every day! Maybe a print in your home or a keyring so its close by during the day.

The best is yet to come - ceramic dinner plates - buy on Art Wow, wholesale
Nice Bum - positive quote prints - buy on Art WOW
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The use of bright and bold colours is another way to boost the mood. Different colours can make us feel a certain way. For example, happiness is strongly linked with colours such as yellow, red and pink. Cooler colours such as light greens and blue hues have a calming effect. Of course, brighter versions of these colours are more energising and can be used to uplift! You can use this information to curate the perfect style for your home! ‘Bad Vibe Shield’ by Tess Shearer is a design that is full of wonderful colours with an anti-bad vibe shield – to keep you safe from any negativity! Another favourite of ours, perfect for that feel good Friday is ‘Good Vibes Only’ by Giddy Kipper. This abstract masterpiece is full of lovely floral colours such as pinks and greens. Ania Weiclaw is an artist who doesn’t shy away from colour, and we love that! Her design ‘Be Happy’ is one that includes all the colours of the rainbow. It looks amazing printed on all of our fabulous products, but we especially love how this looks paired with our candles! ‘Be happy’, especially pops against the black glass of our Wild Fig & Patchouli candle.

Bad vibe shield - personalised gifts keyrings - buy on Art Wow, wholesale
Good vibes only - photo coffee mugs - buy on Art WOW
Be happy - scented beeswax candles from UK, buy on Art WOW

Not only does colour affect our mood, but so do certain scents! Which is why we are so happy to have our own candle range which you can personalise with all your favourite artwork from your fave independent artists! Here at Art Wow, we so far have four wonderful scents for you to choose from. All lovely in their own way! We of course have a universal favourite which is French Vanilla – a nostalgic scent which is bound to bring you comfort. Citrus fruits are a type of scent that is said to energise and bring joy – which we hope our Lime, Basil & Mandarin scent will do for you! Our Wild Fig & Patchouli scent adds a delicate, sweet freshness to awaken your senses! Last but not least, flower scents have been proven to relieve stress and boost happiness. Our sweet Rose & Peony scent will do just the thing! All of our gorgeous scents will enhance your mood in different ways, perfect for that feel good Friday mood (even if it is a Monday) 😉. We love how all of our Art Wow artists’ designs look on our candles. Artwork such as ‘Hello Sunshine’ by Giddy Kipper, ‘Cool To Be Kind’ by Dominique Vari and ‘Do No Harm Take No Sh*t’ by Pearl & Clover – to name just a few faves! We hope this blog has got you feeling those positive vibes, ready for the weekend!

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DO NO HARM TAKE NO SH*T - beauty scents candles designed for Art WOW

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