Ocean hues

Ocean Hues Prints

The colour of lakes and oceans, Ocean Hue is a modern trend that represents peace, tranquillity, and fresh summer days.

At ART WOW we love creating collections of different trends for you to browse, and Ocean Hues is one that we absolutely love! It reminds us of beach holidays and the cool blue sky, and we are here to help you recreate the holiday home for you!

Greek Goddess’ by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale, is a print of a watercolour painting that goes perfectly with the Ocean Hues trend. The finer details in this print such as the watercolour brush strokes and the blending of the blue ink, really reminds us of the seashore and the cool summer breeze! ‘Hot Summer Day’, also by Uma Prabhakar Gokhale, is a print of a beach setting.

The ocean has different hues of blue and this artwork captures a calm stillness, almost as if it were a photograph!

Artist Maya Mladenovic has a wonderful selection of varying artwork, however, ‘Summer Vibes’ is one that we think really suits this collection. Not only does this print capture the blue sky and sea, but it presents different coloured blue butterflies that surround the person standing in the foreground, adding to the peacefulness that is the colour blue.

The sand and yellow flowers do not distract from the ocean hues of this print, it rather enhances the colour, and we think you’ll love this artwork just as much as we do! Another print that we think would look great in your home is ‘Protect The Seas’ by Heidi Clawson.

Not only is this an important message; we also love the traditional sailor’s aesthetic of this print, whether it be printed on a plate, tea towel or a mug! The ocean hues trend doesn’t stop at a beach and holiday setting!

Artist RoboticEwe has created a print of one of your favourite celebrity icons, David Bowie in ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’! The blue finish to this design pairs so effortlessly with the blue in Bowies ocean eyes! Ocean hues is one of the many fascinating trends for 2021.

So, to kickstart this year, take a look at our Ocean Hues collection available on our website where you can find even more amazing blue designs to create a calm, cool and peaceful setting in your home!

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