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The Vintage trend is one that will always be a favourite. It’s a trend that reuses your most adored items from many moons ago – so what’s not to love?! One of the key aspects to the vintage trend is to have the things in your home that have been passed down to you that truly mean something to yourself, friends and family; something that looks great but tells a story.

This aesthetic uses bold colours such as burgundies, greens, shades of pink and classic blues. Here at ARTWOW, we have designs created by our talented independent artists, which involve an array of all these beautiful vintage colours! ‘Burgundy Wine Fern’ by Alicia Noelle Jones is an amazing print of a deep, rich burgundy colour in the background. This contrasts with a retro, black and white image of a fern plant in the foreground. Vintage is all about layering and contrasts!

Maya Mladenovic’s ‘Frida With Monkeys’ is another design which involves deeps reds and greens. It also has an old-fashioned finish to the designs which adds to the vintage feel! Most importantly, Frida herself is a vintage, well-known artist, and icon! This design looks great printed on a plate to add a unique decoration in your vintage retro home!

Furthermore, ‘Tropical Summer’, also by Maya Mladenovic has a timely finish to the design whilst capturing dark greens and blues. This print doesn’t shy away from using layers and layers of wonderful imagery. We think this would look great printed on a cushion to further carry on the vintage trend throughout your home!

Our popular ‘Illusionary Boat Ride’ design by artist Taudalpoi has a vintage feel to the artwork. The use of patterns and an older style of imagery allows this design to rewind time!

Taudalpoi’s artwork often uses old fashioned imagery. For example, ‘Yellow Fever View’ has a selection of yellow hues, but also captures an image of an older style of car that you wouldn’t normally see on the streets these days! It’s definitely a conversation starter! The use of designs of your favourite celebrity icons also helps to transform your home into the vintage style that we all know and love!

The Prettiest Star’ combines imagery from the classic film ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and David Bowies well-known lightning bolt. Both vintage and iconic in their own way! Layering rugs and adding dark, wooden furniture to your home can eventually help bring the whole look together.

Shop even more fabulous vintage designs on our website to complete your vintage interior, and perhaps you can use these to start your own collection of items to pass down and share with your loved ones!

Eloise Davey

Hello! I’m Eloise, a studio assistant here at ART WOW! In our blog we talk about the amazing independent artists we work with, our products and lots of different trends and themes from celebrity icons to gifts ideas and more! I recently graduated from University with a First-Class Honors in Art and Psychology. Creating and writing about art is something I loved doing throughout my education and free time, so I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of the ART WOW team, doing something I love - hopefully, this resonates in the blogs that we write! I am fascinated by art and how different colors work together and the many interpretations there are. Most importantly, I love that art can have a positive impact on one’s emotions! Happy reading!

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