Home office wall art

Home Office Art

It is likely that working from home has made us think about our working space and how we want it to feel and affect our productivity. Research suggests that the space you surround yourself in often reflects the outcome of your work.

Therefore it is important to create a space that is functional and motivational – to remind us of the goals we want to achieve! Artwork in the office can heighten our mood, trigger memory and increases performance. How amazing is that?! The wonderful thing about art, is that it has a way of affecting our brain which increases serotonin, leading to a more positive outlook on your working day.

Perhaps it’s the colours or positive affirmations in various art works that remind us to keep calm and think bright! We have found a range of artwork, created by our ever so talented independent artists here at ARTWOW, for you to choose from! Thank us later! 😉

We love art from ‘The 13 Prints’. They have wonderful affirmations and calming imagery that keep us grounded and productive. ‘Inspire Change’ is a simple design that gets straight to the point. It reminds us to use our day wisely and makes us question: what do we want to achieve by the end of this working day? This text is paired with beautiful, peaceful imagery of pastel pink flowers.

Another design by The 13 Prints is ‘Relax’. Similar to ‘Inspire Change’ but reminds us to take a calm approach to our work! This print includes imagery of various plants – another way of inducing positivity!

As well as prints, your office at home will also benefit from other products such as mugs or mouse mats for example!

‘Nice Bum’ by The 13 Prints is full of positive affirmations that we believe everyone needs reminding of every once in a while! Positive quotes such as ‘you’re awesome’ and ‘I believe in you’ are thought to reduce stress and help overcome thoughts that might get in the way of a productive day!

This design would look great on a mug for your office, to remind you that you are awesome and can achieve great things – with every sip!

Create an office space that represents what you want to achieve from your working day.

Oh Happy Day!’ by Heidi Clawson is a brilliant, bright yellow print that adds a pop of colour and sheds some light to your home office. We think this design would look amazing on a mouse mat. Every time you look down at your desk, you can be reminded that today will be a good day! Yellow is a colour that represents wisdom, clarity, and self-confidence, and we know this print will bring just the thing to your day at work!

For a more minimalistic approach to your office interior, we have a range of line artwork which would look fabulous in your home office! Art such as ‘Single Rose Line Drawing’ and ‘Holding On To You’ by Adam Regester are simple designs that look stylish and elegant, with less distraction – perfect for a productive office interior.

We hope this has helped encourage you to create the perfect office. For more inspiration, take a look on our website where you can find our ‘Office Wall Art’ collection, full of amazing designs and perfect office friendly products. From coasters, notepads, mouse mats to water bottles and more!

Good luck and have fun creating the perfect office interior!

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