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Black is arguably one of the most challenging colours to work with when it comes to interior design. Too little and it fades into the background, being overtaken by colour in the room; too much and it completely overtakes a space, making it look dark, depressing, and uninviting. Although black features in a lot of statement elements within a house, such as tiling and monochrome patterns and designs, it is often a colour only used for accessories, and even in that case, it tends to be a supporting colour instead of the main feature. Yet, using black as a statement colour can be one of the easiest ways to add drama and energy into a room. Try combining it with white for your traditional monochrome look, easily supporting other textures and colours, or combine it with bold splashes of colours or metallics to give something more vibrant and playful. Below are some examples of prints that do just that!

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It’s easy to understand why so many people are afraid of using black in interior design, as adding too much black to a space can easily overwhelm a room, especially when it is incorporated on walls. However, by adding black cleverly and decisively to a room it can add a real ‘wow’ moment and create something modern and stylish while remaining warm and welcoming. A fun fact! – Black is a great colour to use in your home, especially if you’re a creative person, as it has been proven to inspire creativity and proactiveness. ‘Mid Century Geometric 10’ is an example of a design which uses black in combination with graphic design to create something striking without being overpowering. This classic design below will fit seamlessly into any room due to its balance of contrasting black and white.

In ‘Love Leopard’, black is used more as a supporting colour, highlighting the leopard print to make the design more dynamic and stand out. The text and leopard print remain the focus but there is a different emphasis on it which would not occur if a different colour was used.

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If you are a lover of colour, adding a design element which utilises black is a smart way to tone down your colour to make it more palatable and cohesive, making sure that the colour sings by giving it something supportive to balance off. It creates a contrast in dynamics which will even out the room without taking over the colourful and personality-driven elements. ‘Lovers In Space’ is a bold and vibrant design due to how it uses black to highlight the main elements in the piece. The dark background makes all the colours in the foreground more vivid and add a deeper sense of surrealism and longing to the final design.

The same occurs in ‘London Love’ by Nichola Cowdery – the black background really helps the colour elements sing! This makes the colour pop and stand out against the background, adding to the collage-effect of the design.

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If you are more of a minimalist, using black in more simplistic and modern designs is a must, as they will add warmth, movement, and energy into you room without the need for unnecessary colour or accessories. Less graphic and more minimal line-based designs are perfect for this as they add moments of calm and clarity while being free-flowing and dynamic. It also helps to make a place look more sophisticated and professional, especially when offset again luxurious textures and tones, such as metals and suede. ‘Pinky Promise Line Art With Leaves’ and ‘Holding Onto Love Hand Drawing’ are two examples of line art which uses the contrast between black and white to create a final composition which is striking while still being subtle and minimalist.

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Using text designs are also a great way to add something dynamic and eye catching! They allow you to add a little bit of personality and humour to the room without taking over other elements. Using black as the colour for these is not only more traditional but are bolder and tend to make more of an obvious statement. Plus, it ensures that the design will suit any room and location. ‘And Relax’ by Lilly Rose is a must have design for any room where you need a reminder to just let go! The use of mixed fonts gives the design a simple yet striking composition, especially due to the text placement at the bottom half of the print.

Boom’ by The Native State used black and white the other way around, allowing the white text to pop against a black background. The composition and use of font in a playful manner adds another dimension to the pieces, making them must-have prints!

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There is no longer any reason to fearful of adding black to your home! Choosing prints where a main colour is black is an easy way to add some drama and boldness to any wall in your home without overtaking the other design elements already present. No matter if you have a minimalist, traditionalist or maximalist style, black is a must-use colour in your room! Black works perfectly as both a supporting colour and as the main colour, adding some all-important ‘WOW’ to your walls!

Check out some of our must-have prints below that incorporate this bold colour. Enjoy!

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