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Global Influence

With travelling looking limited again for 2021, there has never been a better time to bring global influences inside the home! This lifestyle and homeware trend seeks out to being the culture and aesthetics of global styles into homes by capturing them in a unique way that works creatively within existing design. Using more natural, earthy colours, the global influence style goes again what you might expect of a global theme, and instead of bright colours and ornate and intricate designs, it focuses on the more natural life.

Looking mainly to African and tropical wildlife and landscapes as inspiration, the 2021 global influence theme combines warm, natural tones and textures with nostalgia and the desire to travel to create a tranquil aesthetic – your own little sanctuary!

Designs such as ‘Palms’, ‘Sea Turtle’ and ‘Brave in the Wild’ are examples of this calmer version of Global Influence, with they each focusing on global wildlife and nature in a way which is subtle yet still striking.

PALMS - colourful place mat by ART WOW designer Wallace Elizabeth
Sea Turtle - designer placemat by Art Wow
BRAVE IN THE WILD - art print designed by ART WOW artist Linden Reekie

With many of us spending more time at home, it is the perfect time to start refocusing the energy in a room and that begins with the aesthetics. By bringing the outside in and combining them with global influences, it can be very easy to create a room which is not only relaxing but also inspiring.

Unlike previous global homeware trends, this one focuses less on bright, exotic colours and patterns, but is more minimalist, with direction instead being drawn towards textures and substance rather than boldness. ‘Leaves of the Jungle’ and ‘Black Palms on Pink’ are perfect examples of how global influence can be done in a minimal and calming way.

Although not brightly colours or patterned, both designs instantly connect you with travelling and provide you with that sense of going somewhere new but do so in a way which is calm and understated.

Leaves of the Jungle - original framed prints on ART WOW
Black Palms on Pink - personalized cushion with picture designed by Art WOW

An important element of this trend is focusing on textures and how they are combined within a space in order to create a natural, bright room which is still welcoming and warm.

Designs such as ‘Yin Yan Wood Geometric Glam’ and ‘Wood Sun Rainbow Arch Balance’, both by Anita Bella Jantz, are great examples of how textures can be incorporated into pieces easily without having to change any pieces of furniture within a room. These designs use a wooden effect throughout the prints which are balanced against black to create relaxing yet intriguing designs which would suit any room.

Yin Yang Wood Geometric Glam - art print by Anita Bella Jantz for ART WOW
Wood Sun Rainbow Arch Balance - art print by Anita Bella Jantz for ArtWow

Although using mainly natural colour palettes and black and white, colour can be added into the pieces in subtle ways, which do not dominate a room but help to bring together all the elements within it. The easiest way to bring colour into a room is by having it in a print or cushion; however, splashes of bolder and busier designs work just as well as ceramics as these are elements which can be easily moved around, exchanged and played with in order to get the perfect balance.

There are a variety of ways in which colour can be added in a way which stays true to the concept and doesn’t overwhelm other design elements. ‘Double Trouble’, ‘Beach Life’, and ‘Zebra’ are three very different examples of how the global influence theme has been tweaked slightly in order to introduce more colour into the designs.

These designs still keep colour quite paired back, and still focus on natural tones, meaning that they would easily fit it with a more muted warm colour palette.

Double Trouble - art print by ART WOW designer Goed Blauw
Beach Life -  personalised mug designed by Art Wow artist Uma Prabhakar Gokhale
ZEBRA - printed coffee cup designed by ART WOW artist Wallace Elizabeth

However, this toned-down version of global influence may not be for everyone, and no matter how soothing and calming it may be, focusing on more natural pieces just might not be your vision of travelling. The good thing about this Global Influence trend is how adaptable it can be, with the muted natural base of the trend meaning that there is plenty of reem to make it your own with a few flourishes of personality.

There are a lot of designs which can be used to do this, due to bold global themes being an interior trend that is always in fashion! ‘Pattern Floral Tropical 001’, ‘Wild Thing’, and ‘Africa’, are just a few examples of designs which highlight global influences in a more personality-driven way.

Pattern floral tropical 001 - unusual dinner plate by ART WOW designer MMarta BC
Wild Thing - art prints by Art Wow artists
AFRICA - art print designed by ART WOW artist Uma Prabhakar Gokhale

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