Hosting at home is back!

If there is one thing we’ve definitely missed during the last year, it’s hosting at our own homes! There is something so unique and personal about inviting everyone round to yours for a drink, meal, or even a game night, that you just can’t get anywhere else. Despite our best efforts to keep these events happening using video calling, a zoom quiz just isn’t the same as one in real life! So, now that hosting is back on the table, now is the perfect time to spruce up your hosting wear so that you really make a statement next time your friends and family come round!

No gathering is complete without food! It doesn’t matter if you spend all day preparing a meal, or like to throw some crisps in a bowl, food is a must have at any event you are hosting. Sprucing up your kitchenware is a great way of updating your standard hosting must-haves, so why not get a few artwow plates to cause topics of conversations, as well as make your food look delicious! A design like ‘Beautiful Flower and Animal Jungle’ is just one example of how you can use a nature theme pattern to add some liveliness to something as basic as a plate! Hannah Carvell’s ‘Hearts and Flowers’ designs are perfect for any hosting event! They are bright, lively and just radiate happiness, warmth and fun. The red and pink version of the screen print is perfect for the summer months, as it acts as the perfect base for any nibbles while still being a unique piece of artwork.

Beautiful flower and animal - designer dinner plates at Art Wow
Hearts and flowers - ceramic dinner plates wholesale - buy on Art WOW

Maybe you like to do things a little fancier than just having food on plates – maybe you’re a sharing board sort of person! Well in that case our glass chopping  boards have you covered! Not only are they practical when it comes to preparation, but they also make great serving boards, with glass acting as the perfect base for presenting your food. No matter if you just plan on using it to cut some limes for your cocktails or wish to use it to create a Spanish charcuterie board, we have plenty of designs to choose from! A patterned chopping board, such as ‘Abstract Animal Print Pattern’, is perfect for every occasion while still being bright and vibrant. It is a design which will definitely make your food stand out and look amazing! However, if you are more personality-driven and looking for a design that shows that off, then ‘Clubtropicana’ is the perfect design for you! This kitsch design of the band has the perfect mix of 80s and summer vibes, making it a must have for any home, especially when the sun is out.

ABSTRACT ANIMAL PRINT PATTERN - Buy unusual glass chopping boards on Art Wow
Club Tropicana - wholesale unusual chopping boards - buy on Art WOW

But not all hosting has to be a grand affair. In fact, there is nothing better than just popping around for a nice cup of tea or coffee and having a proper catch up! For situations like these, our ceramic mugs are the perfect pairing! They are a great way to show off your individual personality while still functioning as a practical mug which sits in your hand perfectly, keeping you warm when it’s not so sunny outside. With so many designs to choose from it’s easy to find yourself a set which is complimentary and along the same theme, or you can mix and match to really show all side of your personality and interests. If you have that one friend or family member that pops round all the time, then why not get them their own mug so it is ready and waiting for whenever they come over for a catch up! Bite Your Granny’s ‘Cheers Sweetie’ mug design is definitely a design to make you and your guest smile, as it is not only a striking mug but is also full of personality and kitsch. For that friend that is always popping over, a design like ‘You Grow Girl’ is perfect for them! It is not only motivational but also radiates positivity and calm.

Cheers sweetie - cool mug designs on Art Wow
You grow girl - wholesale nice coffee mugs - buy on Art WOW

Let’s not forget about those finishing touches! When hosting, it is quite easy to get caught up in trying to make sure everything if perfect, when in fact your friends and family will be just excited to see you and have a good time. However, if you are all about the little details, then adding some extra Art Wow products into your rooms will definitely add some individuality to your home and be a talking point. Accessories such as coasters and placemats are often overlooked but can make a real statement in a home, especially if you are someone who loves to throw dinner parties; whereas a tea towel can help to liven boring spaces in any kitchen. A coaster or placemat design such as ‘Flower Girl’ or ‘Extra Hot’ will add character, personality and a hit of humour and curiosity to any table! Tea towels can be a great way to add some personality too, as they are a much needed kitchen accessory, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. ‘L O V E’ is a great example of a simple design with huge impact which will shine in your kitchen, both when in use and on display.

LOVE - tea towel printing no minimum order - buy on Art Wow, wholesale
Flower girl - unusual coasters made in UK - buy on Art WOW
Extra hot - best placemats designed for Art WOW

No matter your hosting style, it is definitely something you would have missed recently. From having friends over for dinner, to inviting them round for a cup of tea, revamping your interiors before inviting people over doesn’t have to be hard work. These products, as well as the many others we have at Art Wow, will definitely impress, plus they’ll make you feel happier even when not hosting!

Funny cork backed placemats from UK - buy on
No time for bullshit - personalised dinner plates - buy on Artwow
Just peachy - pink chopping board on
Spice up your life - blue dinner plates - buy on Artwow
Stroppy before coffee - custom photo mug on
Hold me tight - printed placemats - buy on Artwow
Abstract Love - Buy wholesale tea towels on Artwow
You are my sunshine - wholesale mug printing - buy on Artwow

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