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Freddie Mercury Artwork

Freddie Mercury is undoubtably one of the best musicians and showmen that the music scene has ever had! His unique vocals as part of Queen combined with his experimentational flamboyance with clothing and performing make him an icon to this day! His recognisable look, vocals and clothing continues to inspire modern day musicians and other …

David Bowie art works on ARTWOW

David Bowie Art

Regarded as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, David Bowie continues to be one of the most recognisable musicians England has ever produced. Although involved in music for a while under his birth name David Robert Jones, it wasn’t until he became David Bowie in 1966 that his individual talents really …

classical artwork on ARTWOW

Classic Traditionalism

Although classical traditionalism is an interior design trend that will have a recurrence in 2021, it is in fact a trend that has never gone out of style. Classic Traditionalism takes inspiration from the 18th and 19th century and incorporates all of the best design elements from those periods into one overall design. Mainly incorporating …

Ocean hues

Ocean Hues Prints

The colour of lakes and oceans, Ocean Hue is a modern trend that represents peace, tranquillity, and fresh summer days. At ART WOW we love creating collections of different trends for you to browse, and Ocean Hues is one that we absolutely love! It reminds us of beach holidays and the cool blue sky, and …

House plants images


The popularity of houseplants has been soaring the last couple of years and are now back in fashion more than ever before! A staple of any household, houseplants have become a key part of the home, a must-have house accessory. The popularity of houseplants is down to several reasons, but the main one is due …